Jun 19, 2017

This blog features stories of how people in Scotland became interested in counselling research.

Oct 22, 2015

I’m writing this inaugural post of the blog for the Practice Research Network in early autumn as the changing colours of the landscape remind me that the long summer evenings have come to an end. Traditionally the beginning of the academic year is when students get to grips with the realities of studying, and so it feels appropriate to focus on new beginnings in research within the field of counselling in Scotland’s voluntary sector. The co-ordinating group has been meeting over the summer to plan a programme of activities for the coming year to help us bring people together.

This website gives us an opportunity to make contact with people who have an interest in research within our sector. Please let us know who you are and we’ll ensure that you are added to our mailing list for events and information.

One of the aspects that most excites me, as the new Director of this practice research network is the potential for dialogue within Scotland on the subject of research that is grounded in practice.  It’s easy to think of drawing lines, perhaps researchers on one side and practitioners on the other, voluntary sector managers on one side and counsellors on another, and even counsellors on one side and clients on another. Yet that’s not how I’ve experienced the last few years of being involved in both counselling within the voluntary sector in Scotland, and in research. Rather than seeing ivory towers with researchers locked away out of reach and counsellors in their rooms with doors firmly shut, I’m aware of a much more vibrant interplay, perhaps because for everyone, resources are limited and our concerns to find ways to evidence our practice are shared. My hope is that the programme that we are putting in place will support and nourish that continuing dialogue.

Jo Hilton, Network Director/Chair of Advisory Group